Mondo Travel Magazine

Mondo is a magazine for everyone interested in travelling, both those who travel a lot and those who dream of vacations. Mondo provides useful information and fantastic reading experiences for travellers.

Travel accounts. Mondo is a travel magazine based on experiences. The magazine looks for stories around the world and takes its readers on armchair journeys. Mondo visits familiar places and finds interesting new aspects to them. We also travel to exotic new locations that are easy to dream about.

Travelling tips. Where to travel to next? What is worth doing at your travel destination? Where to find a good, affordable restaurant? What to pack with you? Mondo is at your service, helping you to plan your trip and letting you in on the best tips on location. The magazine provides worthwhile advice for your trips!

Stories. What is it like to suffer from mountain sickness and survive? What is the story behind the most faithful dog in Scotland? Mondo is full of amusing, exciting and touching tales from around the world.

Finland's leading travel magazine has shown the way since 2002. Mondo belongs to Image Kustannus, which is a part of the A-lehdet group.

The magazine also publishes a popular series of travel guides, some of which are also available as iPad versions, and a sister magazine, Mondon Ruoka & Matka ("Mondo's Food & Travel").

Mondo publishes 10 issues a year, one of which is a double issue. Mondo's circulation is 30,000 and number of readers 107,000 (NRS).

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